Introducing Ruth Warren Art

Hello friends!

"Turtle Heading to Sea", 12"x12" tissue collage by Ruth WarrenSo many new things are happening here at ReWorked Creations! I just posted about the property that we purchased to turn into an interactive reuse center. Now, I’d like to tell you about some website changes.

Moving forward, this website,, will be dedicated to providing information about the future reuse center and the reuse artists that are represented by the center.


screenshot-ruthwarrenartI have developed a new website,, to provide information about me as an artist. Most of the existing content about my artwork that was published previously on has been moved to my new artist website. And, for the first time ever, I have artwork for sale directly on my website. I invite you to check it out! (I’m still tweaking details and making a few format changes. But if I waited till it was “perfect”, I would never get it published!!)

I am incredibly excited to be moving forward as both an artist and as the founder of a new reuse art center. The ReWorked Creations Art Center will be the biggest art project I have ever tackled. Can’t wait to see “where the art leads me” this time…

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