Slow Progress on the Dream

Well, we have owned our Village of the Arts property now for 6 months. And we now realize that the process of renovating a property is s.l.o.w…  Slow to get estimates, slow to get plans from the contractor, slow to get permits, slow to get surveys, just plain slow…

So, the dream of opening the doors to ReWorked Creations is still several months away. In the meantime, Russ and I have been working on the property. We have cleaned up debris, trimmed trees, and reclaimed the neglected garden areas. I have learned to embrace and love the haggard looking cactus that were in the front yard, and they are responding to our attention with renewed energy and growth. Turns out we are good cactus parents! And we were excited to participate in the annual Village of the Arts Garden Walk on April 8.

Here’s a gallery with some photos from the Garden Walk.  We got many comments from passersby on the big cactus and the cactus container garden, so we must be doing something right!

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