Meet the Founder

Ruth Warren, reuse artistHello friends. My name is Ruth Warren. I am a reuse artist, inspired first during childhood by my ever resourceful parents to live a thrifty lifestyle and “make do” with materials at hand. Today, I am inspired by the wonders of nature where consistent cycles of reuse and renewal sustain the lives of plants, animals and man. I echo these lessons of reuse and reclamation in my art, creating mixed media pieces inspired by nature using a wide variety of salvaged materials. Find out more about my work at ruthwarrenart.com.

Introducing The ReWorked Creations Art Gallery

The 1925 bungalow before renovation.

My biggest creative project to date is the development of the ReWorked interactive art gallery.

This interactive reuse art center is located at 1227 12th St. W in the Village of the Arts in Bradenton, Florida. The Village of the Arts is a live/work community where artists, musicians, healing art practitioners, bakers, restaurant owners and other creatives are revitalizing an old Florida neighborhood that dates back to the early  1900s. My husband and I purchased a 1925 bungalow in the center of the Village in  2016, and spent 2 years renovating the house and property to transform it into a commercial art gallery.

Today, ReWorked Creation houses my own working art studio, gallery rooms to showcase reuse art, curated reclaimed creative supplies, and an interactive Make and Take room for workshops and a self-guided Open Studio program. Outside, the property is constantly evolving to feature a succulent garden, outdoor art installations, “rest and relax” areas with seating, and dedicated parking spaces. The center is handicap accessible with a ramp at the back entrance and an ADA bathroom.

What is Reuse Art?

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines reuse as:

to use again, especially in a different way or after reclaiming or reprocessing

This simple definition is the essence of reuse art. Creative reuse is the art of taking objects and and materials and reworking them in a different way. Reuse artists reclaim materials that have been discarded or thrown away. They reimagine, rework, and recreate with existing resources that might otherwise end up in landfills.

Reuse art is not a new concept. Scrap quilters, to name just one example, have been creating works of art with discarded fabric for over 100 years. But as environmental concerns around the world increase from uncontrolled consumption and solid waste, reuse artists are creating more and more awareness of the dangers of living in an overly consumptive society. Reuse artists choose to reuse

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